This Makeup Artist Got Lip Fillers Worth £1,300 And People Are Bullying Her For Ruining Her Face

Transforming your body should be your own choice and nobody else should be making a comment on how you look. That is exactly what this makeup artist had to say when people tagged her lips as a train wreck and ridiculed her for getting £1,300 fake lips.

Shauna Sargeant, a 22-year-old makeup artist from Caerphilly, Wales, had insecurities about imperfect lips like any other girl. She used to overdraw with her lip liner to make them look bigger. When she decided to enter the industry of makeup she took a plunge to get them done. Two years ago she decided to get a filler injection of 1ml which cost her £230. She then got an additional 0.5ml top-up one month later for £100. Since then the makeup artist has got fur more shots of 1ml in for of injections for £230 a go. She has spent £1,250 so far on filling her lips to get the desired lips.

She doesn’t want to change her lips as she feels great with them and they boot her self-esteem. The lips last for four to six months and she gets a refill after every 4-6 months.
Since she has started getting fillers, she has constantly been trolled for how she looks now. Cruel taunts, nasty comments, trolls, mockery, everything can be seen on her pictures and the reason is the size of her lips.


Finding her pictures plastered all over the internet is a daily routine. There are hurtful captions with tags like “trout pout”, “fish lips” and someone had guts to compare it to a “train wreck” and mentioned that you can’t stop looking at it and its large size. Another one described it as “someone who got the laughs sucked out of them” in Monster Inc.

Being a badass woman that Shauna is, she doesn’t bother about the comments people had about her. She just considers such people jealous and bitter and she eve did a “green with envy” inspired makeup look to give her answer to the trolls.

She is part of a makeup group and she keeps posting her pictures in it. While some people are supportive of how she carries her lips some people take those pictures and post it on other platforms, making fun of her.

She says that it is easy to insult someone online as you don’t get to see the anger or sadness a person goes through due to their remarks. She herself gets anxious and starts shaking due to the comments she reads on the daily basis but she manages to calm herself.

Since she has embraced new lips, she is more confident and happy with them. She is out there meeting her new clients and attending events. Nothing has managed to stop her or even pull her back.