The “Glass” Ring Turns Out To Be $950,000 Diamond And This Discovery Changed The Owner’s Life After 33 Years

“Diamonds are forever”, this statement has changed everything for the diamond industry. But as the natural resources are on the verge of extinguishing, people are opting artificially made diamonds. Such artificial stone was bought from an exhibition by Debra Goddard and it turned out to be a diamond worth $950,000.

Due to a hiccup in the industry has led human beings to create diamonds in labs now. That is the reason they are half the price of a natural diamond. Middle-class people would invest their money in buying a car or a house and if they feel like splurging, they might just do that on a vacation or buying a big ring.

However, who can’t afford a diamond, opt for something that looks similar but is affordable. That is what happened 33 years ago. Debra Goddard bought a “glass” ring from a boot sale for $13 which turned out to be a “diamond” ring which was worth $950,000.

She didn’t realize the actual worth of that stone until she was in a cash crunch situation.
She kept the ring in a box for all these years and took it out just when they fell victim of a relative’s fraud. It turned out to be a rare gift from Mother Nature when she took it to a jeweler. She took the box out and was hoping for the price of the ring to get to $900. But her mind couldn’t take the shock when the jeweler told her the real value of the supposedly “glass” ring.

Imagine a person telling you that an $18 ring turned out to be a 26.27-carat diamond ring. You would say that the person is probably trying to make a fool out of you. And even the jeweler nearly fainted when he checked the ring and said, “Do you know what this is? It’s a diamond.”

She was clueless about what she should do with the ring and spent the whole night looking at it. She then took it to Sotheby’s, an auction house and they confirmed its actual value. It was a moment of perfect luck and she even compared her situation with when Del Boy would tell Rodney, ‘This time next year, we’ll be millionaires’. It proved right.”
She said, “It’s karma for the bad things that happened in our lives and my mum being robbed of everything.”

Talking about what she did with the money, she spent it on her mother June Boyle, she had a holiday in Barbados, saw Tom Jones, saw Celine Dion in Vegas and even bought a fur coat. For herself, Debra opened a vintage jewelry firm that hunts car boot sale bargains and wrote a book on her struggles.

She now volunteers with a runaway kids’ charity and she decides to give the money from her book to those kids and youth leaders for the benefit of society. That is how she is repaying the society after glass turned into diamond after 33 years.