Teenager Sees The Funny Side After She’s Told She Looks Like ‘Michael Jackson’

Lorun Elisabeth is a 17-year-old girl from Manchester, England. She uploaded a snap of her on Twitter where she resembled the late singer Michael Jackson. The snap went viral in no time and received a million likes. She was also trolled for the same. It was funny that a lot of people found her face very similar to MJ. Elisabeth was overwhelmed by the reaction and found the reaction too funny.


The caption that she put on the picture was ‘Blame it on the boogie’. Hundreds of people retweeted her picture with Michael Jackson’s lyrics. Her picture got over 6000 comments, 28000 retweets, and over a million likes. She later confessed that she was the first person to find an uncanny resemblance between her face in the selfie and the singer, MJ. She expected the response and was not surprised when people also find the resemblance between the two. Rather, she found it very funny how people were retweeting her picture and dropping lyrics of the singer in her comment section.

She stated that she never took the internet negatively. She did not get offended by what people had to say. She took it in a very healthy way and found the people’s reaction to her post rather funny. In no time, the picture went viral and she started to be addressed as the ‘Michael Jackson Girl’. The picture took over the internet and she also said that she had received a lot of DM’s on Twitter as well as on Instagram. All in all, the comments she received were positive and hilarious.

However, if there is good, there is bad too. Not everything was so dreamy. Some of the people even commented in a negative manner. Few of them suggested that she had undergone surgeries to look like the late singer, Michael Jackson. It was a very offensive remark and Elisabeth was taken aback by it. She was offended by it and responded to the comments defending herself. She stated that she had not undergone any surgeries and that was how she looked naturally. This definitely hurt her feelings but she did not affect her much. However, the post got deleted later.

All in all, the resemblance she found in her picture and Michael Jackson, the world could find it too. Her picture had reached millions of users and had taken over the internet. She said that it was almost impossible to escape her face on the internet. She certainly did not expect such a reaction to her selfie. The response made her very happy and she was not offended much by the rolls. She found it rather funny after reading all the messages and comments she was flooded with.