Premature Ejaculation: These Injections Are Going To Save Your Bedroom Life And Increase Your Steamy Sessions

Premature ejaculation: Embarrassment for men and a reason for a famished woman. It has been a major reason for many divorce and break-ups. However, these injections could help you cure the spell of bad sex as it cures premature ejaculation. Read further to know more about these shots.

Did you ever think of technology and medicine reaching this level that it could cure your premature ejaculation? Well, the good news is that medicine has achieved that level. Hyaluronic acid, an acid which is found in moisturizers and lip fillers, can help his sausage remain in your sausage wallet for real long time.

An experiment was conducted on 30 men who were suffering from moderate to severe premature ejaculation. They were injected with the Hyaluronic acid in their package, OUCH! Yes, that is one painful thing they had to do to get increased stamina. Do you want to know how much stamina they had after the injection? Their stamina increased by three-and-a-half times, so that means you get to keep him in your sack for longer.

After a month of trial, the report said that the men who were initially in action for 30 seconds now went on for 2 minutes and that is a great result.

Hyaluronic acid decreases the sensitivity of his sausage and that helps him last longer. From Cairo University, Dr. Mohamed Ragab, member of the International Journal of Impotence Research said, “Penis injection with the acid is safe and improves sexual satisfaction.”

According to the research by NHS, the average orgasm time for a man is five-and-a-half minutes. There is no specific rule that a man needs to last for this long but premature ejaculation is something to worry about. If your man doesn’t last for about a minute then you know what injection shots you need to get for him this birthday.

If injecting needles in penis bothers him then there is an alternative solution to your problem. There is a drug that is under trial which will give the same result and will solve your problem to this extent. The drug, Cligosiban is being taken by 200 men in 29 centers who are struggling with the same condition.