People Bashed This Woman For Breastfeeding Her 4-Year-Old Son, Not Knowing That Is The Only Way She Can Soothe Her Autistic Child

Breastfeeding is just another way a mother takes care of her children. However, we never knew there was an age limit to this act. This woman is getting all the backlash and is being called pedophile for breastfeeding her 4-year-old son.

Yakaly Di Roma, 31, a resident of Wales, just released some pictures of herself breastfeeding her son. This might not be an issue but people have managed to ruin the relationship of mother-son just because the son is 4 years old. Hence, the mother is tagged as a pedophile.

Her pictures are magnificent and in such diverse areas. The pictures show her in the middle of work at home and even in the middle of the bull ring. She has even dressed as Disney character. She is a mother to two to sons, 4-year-old Hans and 1-year-old River.

There are pictures featuring her husband while she breastfeeds her son, Hans, sitting on her lap. The pictures are full of love but not everyone acknowledges that kind of love and is pouring her pictures with harsh words. She says, “I’ve been called a pedophile for breastfeeding my son, I’ve also been told I do child porn photography because breastfeeding a child of my son’s age is ‘disgusting’ and ‘disturbing’.”

She took this step of putting pictures on social media because she wanted to normalize the concept of breastfeeding. She says that she doesn’t intend to stop breastfeeding until they are ready to leave on their own.

According to her, breastfeeding has created an unbreakable bond between her and her children and she doesn’t want to stop anytime sooner. Hans is suffering from autism and this act comforts him. It makes him feel safe and is able to soothe him in a way nothing else can.

Breastfeeding is difficult but she has managed to do it and considers it worth it. She had mastitis, all kinds of problems because she didn’t know what she was doing but it got better with time. It is exhausting and can be painful at times but she finds that her sacrifice is helping her son. She considers it important that her son is at peace, even though her timeline is not. The hate comments are hurtful but she tries to not get affected by it. She feels it is the most normal thing and it shouldn’t be hidden, rather it should be celebrated.

She feels that breastfeeding is one thing only she gets to share with her kids and no one can take that one moment from her, capturing it is precious whether it is posed or un-posed. She is doing it for her boys and her man is totally supportive of her extended breastfeeding.

She’s even dressed up as Disney character to breastfeed and get captured in a beautiful moment. She hopes to reach out to people and can help people get used to the idea of breastfeeding. Normalizing it is all she wants.