Mother Used £20 IKEA Unit To Create Dollhouse To Avoid Spending £300

The following is the story of a mother who divulged how she worked her hands on a £20 IKEA unit to turn it into a phenomenal dollhouse. 26 years old, Catherine Moses of Full Sutton in New York came across an idea on Pinterest which helped her to reuse an old cabinet very uniquely. She decided to DIY it and turn it into a dollhouse for her daughter’s birthday.


Catherine is a self-employed cleaner. She, therefore, didn’t want to spend£300 on the official Barbie products. This was the reason why she chose to build it on her own. The £20 IKEA Kallax unit that she transformed into the two storied dollhouse was previously used for storing her daughter’s toys. To further saved her money as she used eBay to buy bargains which included midget mirrors and stick-on-tiles. For the other things required in the makeover of the unit, she used stuff from her craft cupboard.

She believes to have saved £200 by making the dollhouse on her own. She even took to social media to share her amazing creation which went viral. She shared a picture of the unit describing how she turned it into a dollhouse for her daughter’s birthday. She asked people if anyone has ever done something of that sort before. The idea of this dollhouse from Pinterest was shared with her by one of her friends. She based her creation on this idea as a new Barbie playhouse was too exorbitant for her budget.


She wanted to use good quality products for the playhouse but she also didn’t want it to be overpriced. She asked her husband’s friend to help her with getting started. This friend didn’t only make a roof and secure the back, he also filed and sanded the roof. Catherine used filler to fill the small gaps that were left and let it all dry overnight. Other than the stick-on tiles, she had also bought craft frames from Poundland and some wallpaper samples from The Range. She started the makeover by doing the bathroom first. While she was on eBay, picking up bargain buys, she spent £1.85 on rose heads and £5.19 on some mirror effect wall stickers. She also bought Barbie stencils, Barbie bath set and a living room play-set.

She used floral craft paper for the living room and as she had run short of it, she used foam roses to cover the edges. She found the wooden letters that had been lying in her craft cupboard and glued them to the living area floor. She put the mirrors that she had bought from eBay on the walls. Using a purple Sharpie pin and the Barbie stencil she had bought, Catherine labelled the front of the house.

Amira, the daughter, turned 3 in the end of September and her mother, who had started making the dollhouse at the beginning of September couldn’t wait for her to see it. Even though the girl had had a sneak peek of the playhouse, her mother kept it covered in the garage until it was done.

She now has plans to use her son’s toy box from when he was little to make a Barbie hangout area. A lot of people in their comments appreciated Catherine for her amazing work and for not wasting her money on the store-bought expensive dollhouse.