Man Thought He Purchased A Bungalow For £7K, Instead Got A Strip Of Grass

Kerville Holness found a deal in an online auction. The property was being sold by Broward County. The property has defaulted on their taxes. The pictures of the villa were available on the internet. Holness thought he would be the owner when he was the highest bidder.


Kerville is a man who resides in Florida. He guessed that he is into a great deal. It was that he got a villa for 7,000 Pounds ($ 9,100). But this isn’t the truth. He had paid money to possess a foot-broad strip of grass. Kerville’s bid was at the peak. He desired to be the holder of villa worth 140,600 pounds ($177,000).

The property was not evolved and flourished. It was not big in the size. It was not as per the expectations of Holness. The property was originally one-foot-by-100-foot strip of grass. It segregated two bungalows in Tamarac. It elongates out of the front and back, equivalent to 40 pounds ($50).

Except if, the owner could fit himself into one of the 2 mail boxes located on the greenery. This new home was just the ground. Naturally, the holder of this property wasn’t content. Kerville told Broward County to nullify and abolish the deal. Also, he asked for his money back. The country officials denied. They stated that state laws do not permit refunds.

However, the pictures of this villa on online auction made an impact that is was for sale. The evaluator’s website and particulars on the country’s tax site supposedly show no bungalow or building value. The officials are not certain, as to why the strip of grass was not connected to two villas. It is between these two bungalows.

This story teaches us a significant life lesson. That is when it comes to online shopping, we must check all details before entering into an agreement. All precautions must be taken. The given information must be thoroughly read and comprehended. Then only one must enter into the deal.