Man Built $150 Tiny Home That He Can Tow Away With His Bike

Recent years have experienced a sudden shift to minimalism. People prefer simple and minimalistic living than a huge one. It not only lets you save up money but also promotes peaceful living. This man took minimalism to the extreme and built a $150 tiny house that he can tow away with his bike.


A tiny house comes in your budget and is easy to maintain too. Because there is not much space to accommodate huge furniture and it allows you to keep the essential stuff only, the house looks clean and decluttered.

Elkins is an investor and self-taught designer who used to work at Boeing in the past. Now, he spends his time creating tiny structures and transportation, including tepees, micro boats, and pedal-powered vehicles. All his designs possess the qualities of being lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to take with you wherever you go.

Elkin’s micro mobile bike rolls on 20-inch bicycle wheels and is equipped with everything that is needed in a tiny space including insulation, a small bed, a very compact kitchen with a one-element stove, and a sink along with a couple of drawers for storage. He calls his tiny house, a Nomad Bicycle Camper which cost him around $150.

To all the creative enthusiasts who want to make one for themselves can give it a try themselves by downloading the 61-page tutorial for $20. As stated on his website, the tutorial includes all the drawings, photos, and written instructions you need to build it yourself. All that you need is a drill, a conduit blender, and basic hand tools.

Filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen visited Elkin at his Washington home and interviewed him for his website.
Dirksen wrote on his website, “His work is inspiring because he pushes minimalism to an extreme.

While his tiny structures are lightweight, weatherproof, and portable they are also functional and include all the essentials. From a tiny house design perspective, his work serves an extreme example that sets the standard for small and outside-the-box thinking.”

This tiny mobile home catches attention everywhere it goes. It is something travel enthusiasts would love to possess. They can take this tiny home wherever they go and don’t need to spend a handsome amount of money on hotels. They don’t need to spend much on food too as the home comes equipped with a kitchen as well. They can take that solo road trip whenever they want without having to leave their comfortable and cozy home.