Father-Son Duo Celebrated Beating Cancer By Dancing

Little by little, day by day, what is meant for you will find its way. When you give things the time they fall right into place, so just keep swimming. Life will keep giving you challenges and obstacles you have to swim through them. A toddler with cancer proves it by beating cancer and living a happy life ahead.

Kristian Thomas was born with Down Syndrome and was diagnosed with leukemia when he was an infant. Though it was a tough start for Kristian and his family the little toddler proved that you have to fight your battles and wait for the things to fall in place. His family and Kristian did not lose their faith and kept fighting through all the odds.

Kristian’s parents understood the treatment of cancer and after undergoing his treatment for one year, the toddler won over cancer. After almost a year Kristian’s reports came back and they clearly said that he was cancer-free. He along with his dad celebrated it and danced to the good news. His dad even shared the video online gaining alit of attention and love.

Kristian’s dad, Kenny Thomas father of four children is a dancer and motivational speaker. He often shares pictures of his children on his Instagram account, boasting his family with 89,000 followers who adore the family. The duo went viral when Kenny shared a video of their first routine in which they were celebrating the completion of Kristian’s treatment.

But what his followers and people all over the globe loved was the video of Kristian’s cancer-free dance that Kenny shared on his Instagram account. Kenny shared the video with a heartwarming and optimistic caption. The video went viral like crazy, it received love and shout outs from around the world. Hundreds of fans re-shared the video.

Sure the video has good music and moves but the most heartwarming and heart touching part of the video is the time father and son duo spent with each other. Despite the obstacles they had in their lives the family faced everything together. The simple plan sight of the duo spending quality time with each other is pure joy to the eyes of many followers and viewers.

Kenny keeps updating his followers and fans with adorable and heartwarming videos and pictures of Kristian and himself. He makes sure that people do not lose hope when they face a problem in their lives and feel that it is the end of everything. Since he is a motivational speaker he makes sure that his followers keep faith in the universe and its process.

Recently Kenny updated his profile with a message for cancer fighter and survivors that read, “To anyone Fighting remember, every storm has an end keep going!!” This message was not just for the cancer fighters but everyone, in general, facing any problem in their life. Everyone has their share of problems and struggles that they are battling with.

One just has to make sure that they do not give up and believe in the process of the universe. The universe keeps you on your toes and in constant battles because it knows that you deserve more.