Duvet Diplomat: The High-Tech Bed

A wish to have a sound sleep becomes a basic necessity when we come home after a day full of grueling and hectic work schedules. Since your energy has already been consumed by the enervating effect of your walk of life, you would not have any potential left to tolerate any kind of discomfort and it is understandable.

Now, you know that your struggle for the day has still not ended after a busy day because you need to wake up in the middle of the night just to snatch your share of the duvet. Your partner has completely wrapped in the duvet while you cannot help yourself but can just quiver in the cold. People face this problem regularly and so, it became a matter of concern for a company, Simba and they planned a survey to find out if the majority is familiar with this problem.

On a study of over 2,000 adults, it was pretty clear that one out of every four people grew frustrated at his/her partner’s incessant capture of the duvet. It also demonstrated that three out of 10 people lose their temper as soon as they see their bedroom untidy after coming home. It doesn’t end here, one in six people has ended their relationships and the reason was an argument over their sleeping habits.

Now, it is not easy to alter the proclivity of such a large assortment. That’s why Simba decided to make an ‘infinite duvet’ which would keep you and your partner covered all the time for the whole night.

The experts at the Simba tech firm are designing a bed for the modern era which consists of a roller system in the base to keep the duvet uniformly distributed. The wizards are creating it in a way that will make the duvet move with you whenever you turn in your sleep.

The company came up with this idea when they found out that seizing the duvet was one of the biggest reasons for the conflict among couples. According to the CEO of the company, duvet stealing is an excruciating issue among the British couples which acts as a stimulant for most of the arguments between them.

This increases the tension, even more, when it is the season of festivals and several other household duties can make you lose your tranquility. Having this bed in the house might solve some of the issues for the couples.

Not only the roller system of the bed will give you a delightful experience, but the bed known as the ‘Duvet Diplomat’ comes with a remote controller which also consists of a steam-cleaning function.

Although the idea of buying this bed may seem to be exciting, we need to wait for at least some time as the bed is still in the designing process. The CEO Steve Reid further expressed his thoughts saying, “When you sleep better, you are more likely to make better decisions, take fewer risks and start the day in a more positive and peaceful frame of mind.”

Many people are not willing to wait for the futuristic ‘Duvet Diplomat’ to come in the market, so for the time being, Simba’s temperature-regulating Hybrid Duvet with space-inspired Stratos technology will be able to provide the comfort you need. We hope ‘Duvet Diplomat’ helps to prevent further conflicts between couples.