Daughter Recreated Her Dad’s Graduation Photo And The Internet Is In Awe

With the internet taking over the world, people are getting really creative with the pictures that they upload. Sometimes those “trends” don’t resonate with others while at times, they are so heartwarming and stay with the people for a long time. Tori Roach posted something that melted our hearts after she graduated. Get ready to have a rush of emotions!

We all know how special graduation day is for all of us. When our parents are right by our side during this time, it just adds to the happiness.

Tori Roach from Huntsville, Texas shared her joyful experience in a beautiful and unique way. When she graduated high school, she shared a photo with her dad on Twitter and no, that’s not it. She posted another picture with it that showed her dad graduating with Roach as a little baby in his arms.

The two pictures side-by-side looked amazing and brought back many memories. She found a perfect way to celebrate her graduation and also, thank her dad, Dennis for his support.

She put a picture of his dad on his high school graduation day when he was 18. He was holding Roach in his arms as she was just a baby. She recreated that moment on her graduation day 18 years later and it couldn’t be better! She posted that photo on the right side that showed that the love remained the same even after all these years. She wrote, “18 years later” with the picture and added the emoticons to reveal her excitement.

Her tweet garnered a lot of attention and people retweeted it many times. The wonderful comments came flooding in. People were in awe of this gesture by Roach. One person commented, “This is simply great. Congratulations.”

Apart from these comments, a few people could not help but notice how handsome Dennis is and how he has just got smarter with age. One twitter user even went to the extent of asking Roach if she was looking for a stepmom. We think his charm reached many!

Tori stepped in and broke a few hearts by informing them that her dad is married. She wrote, “For everyone asking, yes this is my dad, he’s 37, and no he isn’t single…I have another sibling on the way.”

All this appreciation and comments came to Roach as a pleasant surprise as she never expected such a reaction to her post even after one year of that photo. She said in an interview, “I woke up and I had a ton of notifications … People had started sharing and liking and commenting all over again.” She added that her dad was proud and thought described the situation as “so cool!”

Tori would complete her graduation from Sam Houston State University in 2022 and we can expect another recreation when she gets her degree. We think this is an adorable way of capturing memories!