Couple Adopts A Little Chinese Girl Whose “Silver Eyes” Enchanted Them At First Sight

Times are changing and people are getting much more practical and aligning their interests with the betterment of society. One such step towards a better world is giving homes to the children who are constantly waiting to be adopted and find a family. Eryn Austin did her part by adopting a pretty girl child with “silver eyes”.


Eryn Austin and her husband Chris did something really special and we are so overwhelmed with emotions (and so will you!). They just warm our hearts and after you know about their family, you will be in awe too! In 2015, Eryn came across a post on Facebook by an adoption advocacy group which she was a part of as well. They posted pictures of kids waiting for loving families to adopt them. That particular day, Eryn saw the picture of a girl and could not take her eyes of that little one.

Eryn instantly knew that she had to bring that little girl home. Eryn and Chris were not initially planning to expand their family but did not think even a bit when they saw that little girl. The girl was from China and was extremely special in a way that her eyes were of beautiful silver/blue color. That one feature was something that made both of them fall in love with her in one glance.

This girl was suffering from congenital glaucoma which led to her blindness. Eryn was well aware of this when she adopted her. This did not stop them from adopting her at all, in fact, they could not wait to bring her home. We told you this will be heartening and make you emotional!


An instant connection was felt by Eryn after seeing her picture and there was nothing to deliberate about. She knew what they needed to do at that exact moment. Their wishes came true in 2016 and the girl with the “silver eyes” was blessed with a family that loved her beyond limits. They named her Primrose. We don’t know who’s more fortunate, the little one or the family? But one thing that we are sure about is that this family is amazing!

When people raise questions on their decision and ask them why they would adopt a girl with this disability, Chris says, “There’s nothing scary about blindness, there’s nothing to apologize about. Why wouldn’t we?”

Eryn does not see any disability in her. She is positive about this whole situation and explains that they are all in this together as a family and raising Primrose with all the love.
We are glad that people like Eryn and Chris exist who took this beautiful step of adopting a girl and showering so much love on her. All we can say is keep spreading love in this world, it is much needed!