Bored Hairstylist Recreates Famous Hairstyles On Boyfriend During Lockdown

Amid the coronavirus outbreak people have been locked down in their homes so as to control the spread of the virus. With this ample time provided, people are turning creative and also learning new things. However, one of the hairdressers is making sure to enhance the skills she already posses and keep herself up to date.


A hairstylist from Atlanta, Georgia, Heidi Lee Oley, shut down her salon due to coronavirus pandemic. To keep her skills up to date, she has been practicing all kinds of hairstyle on her boyfriend, Geoff Clark. The couple is in isolation in their family cabin outside of the city. With so much free time in her hand, Heidi decided to style her boyfriend’s long hair while he worked on his computer.

Geoff was given various looks of some famous personalities. First, he was given the look of George Washington. Heidi used her curling iron which she brought with her. She went on to be more creative day by day. Geoff was then given the look of Princess Leia bun from Star Wars, the look of late Amy Winehouse’s hair by up doing his hair and one of his looks also resembled to Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch.

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Heidi took photographs of these hairstyles and posted it on her Instagram and Facebook handle. Her followers started to request for some of the hairstyles. Since she had her kit back at her home, she went to a local store to buy some supplies as she was really enjoying these challenges given to her.

In an interview Heidi said that she was aware of the fact that she would be out of work for weeks or even months. So, one day, she started to curl Geoff’s hair while he was working on his computer. Heidi said to him that she would make him look like George Washington. She even posted Geoff’s photographs on various hair forums on Facebook and it was very well received. The response which she got, uplifted her spirits and encouraged her to keep it going.

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She added, “Our industry, among others, is in limbo, we don’t have clients, we don’t get paid and many are self-employed. The love we received is why we kept the series going.” Heidi also said that it was the time when there was shadow of uncertainty on their industry. She just wanted to be a little glimmer of light for others in this situation.

Heidi’s main forte is hair coloring but she was very happy with Geoff as he was the prefect participant all this time and he also had great head of hair for styling. She said that his hair was the best and was very curly. She really had a fun time doing his hair and even Geoff liked it when his hair was played with. Heidi said, “He has a heart of gold for letting me doing this and post it.”