A Guy From Melbourne Has Turned His Home Into An Indoor Rainforest

Jason Changue is a guy from Melbourne who seems to be obsessed with plants. He has converted his entire home into a mini rainforest. This 32-year-old has planted around 400 plants making a mini jungle at home. He has filled his indoor space and outdoor area with greenery. The home looks visually stunning. He loves everything about nature and recently, he managed to convert his passion into business.


When Jason was questioned, he told that his obsession with gardening made him pot hundreds of plants inside. The fact that he lived in a dense community, outdoor space came at a premium cost. Therefore, he had to fulfil his desires by getting indoor plants and filling his living space. It was difficult to believe that there were thousands of options for indoor plants. His backroom is filled with a hundred plants and is merely a space for his green pots. It is meant for relaxation and reflection.

He claims to be obsessed with nature and greenery, anything living, plants, or pets. He would spend days in his garden exploring types and species of various plants. Out of his 400 plus plants, some of them are from his childhood while some have been passed onto him and he does not fail to take care of each one of them. The whole collection has grown and evolved and the number is just increasing. His love for plants comes from his passion for greenery and the fact that these make a difference in the world.

Jason stated his five tips for people who are keen on the gardening world. These were: plan well, don’t be charmed by its initial look, know yourself as a gardener, be an individual, and experiment. About Jason’s schedule, he said that he spends about 30 minutes as soon as he wakes up and an hour after coming back from work. During weekends, he takes out around two hours or more, if needed, to cater to his plants’ needs.

According to him, his little forest helped him escape the urban life he had been living. He made his house a soothing place where he could relax and enjoy his time away from urban life while living in the middle of a dense urban community. In 2016, he decided to convert his passion into a business. He started The Plant Society for plant enthusiasts who share tips and tricks and connect with each other. Although Jason’s place is tightly packed with plants, there isn’t much room. But there definitely is a good amount of oxygenated air.

His love for greenery started in childhood and has only evolved. The urban life did not let him fulfil his dream of gardening which made him shift his obsession inside. He has planted around 400 plants inside and outside the house. His plants and the love for nature have only grown and evolved in all these years and he seems to be proud of his mini rainforest.