8 Best Air Purifiers To Invest In

Due to the pandemic, it is customary for us to wear the mask as we step out of the house.But how far will the mask protect us. While at home, we do not practice mask wearing. The air we breathe is the same due to cross ventilation by doors and windows. To acquire a cleaner air to breathe an air purifier comes to the rescue. Air purifiers have earned popularity in the recent years. But it is not a common household item to be purchased by masses. On the other hand, having a guide and knowledge about air purifiers and their importance can have an altering effect on the thinking of many people. Knowledge about their advantages and features to look for while buying them can help one find the apt product for their professional or personal area.

Understanding the terms and abbreviations while shopping:

Whenever we enter an electronic showroom to buy any appliance or gadget our mind is jammed with the various technical terms used to differentiate or define any model. The understanding of these terms makes it difficult for us to find a suitable product. Similarly, air purifier selection also involves some terms that are discussed below and with which one should be familiar with while buying:

#1 ACH: ACH stands for “Air Changes Per Hour”. It is an indicator of the frequency of an air purifier to completely filter air and the number of total rotations it is able to complete within an hour. The quality and effectiveness of an air purifier is directly related to its ACH rating. The more rounds a particular air purifier is able to complete in an hour, better is the rating of the product as well. ACH also has a rating. There is different rating recommendation for various health conditions.

#2 AHAM: AHAM stands for the “Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers”. It is an evaluation agency for an appliance’s merits and demerits based on a given standard. It is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) authorized committee. The AHAM is also accountable for the “Energy Star” program and holds credibility for some other known rulings such as the “Two -Thirds Rule”.

#3 CADR: It stands for “Clean-Air Delivery Rate”.

#4 CFM: This abbreviation stands for “Cubic Feet Per Minute”. It explains the aggregate of airflow happening. An air purifier’s obvious working is the airflow in it. So, more the CFM the higher is the airflow.

#5 HEPA: HEPA stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air”. According to present day industry criterion, these filters should be capable of filtering out 99.97% of the aerial particles larger than 0.3 microns. HEPA filters do not work independently, as they are inefficient to get freed of eruptive compounds like smokes, odors or other fumes. They require the help of a compatible partner or working aid to get hold of these substances which can evaporate easily.

Till now we got to some acronyms or abbreviations which help us guide our search for a suitable Air Purifier. Here are some more pointers to help you for a more refined search for the perfect air purifier. Let’s dig in those:

#1 Additional Features: Every appliance bought by us does the basic function as it is required by it to perform but all the items also come with some additional features to look upon. For instance, an air purifier’s basic function to clean the air in it’s given area of function. But some manufacturers have added some more usable features to make their product more superior and a multi-purpose appliance. They may include built-in space heaters or air conditioning unit and/or integrated humidifiers. Some air purifiers have attached antennas that are capable of sensing airborne particles and can also self-adjust their setting.

#2 Smoke and Odor Eliminating: Having a pet at home can sometimes create an added mess and also some off-putting smells. Cooking various types of foods especially non- veg delicacies can spread the aroma or a smell to some people in the home. To get rid of this some air purifiers have the capability to trap the smell of some of these odors or pungent smells that might be causing an inconvenience to your guests or even family members.

#3 Industrial Design: Having any appliance at home that makes a part of or common spaces like dining area or living room or lobby becomes a piece of aesthetic design to add up on the other furnishings of the room. An appliance’s color, size and shape matter a lot while buying. Air purifiers also are available in various designs to suit the need of an individual. Not only paintings or show pieces add up to the look of a room but a suitable electronic appliance, an air purifier as we talk here with a good look also adds up to the beauty of the room.

#4 Style or Mounting: Every house doesn’t have a lot of floor space. Air purifiers are available in various sizes and shapes that can be mounted on the wall as well. Various shapes and sizes make a wide range that can be placed according to the size of different rooms and the space they offer. Sometimes air purifiers can also be placed in designed cases in case they do not have a stylish exterior in their original manufacturing.

#5 Filter Type: Every manufacturer uses an air filter whose features vary across different arrays. The filter type, the material, the cleaning process etc. Whenever products like air conditioners, air purifiers, coolers etc. are brought one of the major concerns is the service and clean up. Some products allow for self-opening and cleanup. This allows the user to have an access to cleaning the filter according to his/her convenience. Some purifiers are locked and can be cleaned only through specialized equipment which may also cost some extra expenses on the user.

#6 Size and Square Footage: Different air purifiers are suitable for differently sized rooms and are even rated accordingly. It is suggested that rather hunting for a model that looks about the correct size and that is compatible to the selected space or a house, it is better to go by the “Two-Thirds Rule”, it says that according to the CADR rating should be, at a minimum, two thirds the size of the room.

#7 Smart Connectivity: In all the new and upcoming appliances available in the market, Bluetooth connectivity to operate them is a star feature. Air conditioners, fans and even printers now have an additional feature of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth set ups which gives the control through smart devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. It is a boon for everyone as it aids multitasking. It replaces the old methods of using switches to control and adjust the usage of air purifiers. A smart connectivity might add to the cost of the air purifier because of the technological advancement. So, this feature though is a convenience but may or may not be needed by the masses.

Covid-19 and Air Purifiers

Covid 19 started off as disease that spreads through social transmission and through droplets. Gradually moving ahead, it came up that the virus was in the air and was airborne. So, people moved to air purifiers and started to buy them. An air purifier is basically of two types one is for sanitization and other is an air filter. But while using an air filter it is necessary to keep in mind that a proper ventilated area is available and not a very enclosed area is used to place an air purifier. Some concentrated radiations from the air purifier might affect our system in other ways and would not serve the purpose of it but rather land us in trouble. It might be a misconception as well that air purifiers are 100% effective to filter out the Corona Virus. The size of the virus is much smaller as can be filtered by the HEPA filters. But the major chunk of COVID cases is spread through social contact and very less when considered an airborne disease.

A Look at the Best Air Purifiers Available in the Market

Now a lot of information has been registered in our minds that can help us buy a suitable air purifier. So, it’s time to look at some Air purifiers that are amongst the best-selling based on their effectiveness, durability and reviews.

#1 WINIX 5500-2

The WINIX 5500-2 supports a four-stage filtration system that provides a cleaner air than ever. It has a stylish exterior and it’s a purifier with true HEPA. Amongst the main attractions is the Plasma wave and odor reducing washable AOC carbon filter. It’s an AHAM verified product suitable for space volumes 360 -square feet. It weighs around 15.4 pounds. It is available online and even in stores. Also, the WINIX 5500-2 has a built -in air-quality indicator that exhibits the present time room conditions like the air index and air quality. It has an LED light indicator with changes its color according to the present room air quality.It also supports a built-in air quality sensor that can also accommodate the fan speed. The product also has an indicator that signals when it is time to change the filter.

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The Air purifier is a mini sized air purifier. Though miniscule in size it is chockfull of amazing features like triple filtration system-it comprises of a pre filter, deodorization filter and GREEN True HEPA Filter. It can sterilize spaces as large as 214 square feet. The product also indicates when the filters need to be changed. It is a self-monitoring device that tells it self when the pre-filters have to be let out and cleaned up. It is also a self-regulating air purifier that has an Auto Mode which can sense the air quality and make the required adaptations, before automatically closing after 30 minutes of clean air.

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This air purifier by COWAY is a designer and stylish smart air purifier. It supports assistance with the COWAY IoCare App, it helps to get a track of filter status, present time outdoor air quality. The filter is supported with a pre-filter, activated carbon and a HEPA filter with a three-layer shield. It can cater to an area of 350- square foot. This air purifier has a “eco-mode” which indicates air quality. It also has a five pre-set fan speed and easily accessible controls to protect the home. Adding up to the features is the voice guided-instruction based technology that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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#4 BLUEAIR 211+

Blueair 211+ is an industrial recommended air purifier. It helps in purifying areas up to 540 square feet. It is a suitable air purifier for large rooms like lobbies, family rooms and play rooms. It is an AHAM verified air purifier and has also been featured in Wirecutter’s “The Best Air Purifier” article. It was referred to as the “The stellar performer for large rooms”. It works with a three-part filtration system that comprises of a fabric construction pre-filter, a secondary particle filter and at the end a robust carbon filter. The air purifier has a built-in LED indicator system for filter change and an automatic LED dim, that is, after about 7 seconds the LED light will get dim to 10% illumination on its own. It is available in a wide range of colors. Also, this product not only filters air with it’s true HEPA filter but also helps get rid of smokes, odors and other pollutants.

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The AIRDOG air purifier is a cost effective and easy to use filter. It offers a better filtration beyond the HEPA filter and cleans up to 99.97% of air with particles as miniscule as 0.0146 microns. It has reusable filters that can be handwashed. It is an easy to maintain and it also operates by the push of a button. It accommodates its settings according to the air quality of the area. It is said to have an aerodynamic design which means it is capable of high-volume airflow which makes the air cleaner faster. This air purifier’s abilities are because of the use of Two Pole Active Acquire filtration technology. It can clear up to spaces of 200 cubic feet. This air purifier also offers simple usage and cleaning which is convenient and easy to understand and operate.

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This air purifier by RABBITAIR is undoubtedly the most contemporary and advanced air purifier being sold in the markets. It offers a six-stage filtration system that works with a pre-filter, medium filter, BioGs HEPA filter, carbon-activated charcoal filter, and the last filter of all gives the user to choose between the various options like Pet Allergy, Germ Defense, Toxin Absorber, and Odor remover Filter which the user can change according to any given situation. It is a smart air purifier that offers a Wi-Fi connectivity which helps the user to control the operations by their own smart devices. It can clean airs up to 815 square feet.

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This air purifier by Dyson has the most appealing and unique design that just lures the eyes. It is a bucket full of technology. It has a sleek design and the features and functions provided by this air purifier in such a compact design is unimaginable. It can detect different kinds of pollutants like pollens, industrial emissions and other ultrafine particles through a sensor. There is a built in LCD screen that shows the room temperature. It offers a connection to smartphones which gives the control in your hands to control and adjust the settings and even receive notifications. It also supports an active carbon filter and a glass HEPA filter to filter the air, and also it can be used a space heater and an air conditioner. The product offers a two-year warranty.

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This cylindrical air purifier, the Molekule Air is inspired by a Scandinavian design. Its appearance is just not to enough to justify its features and functions. It offers a dual stage filtration system and is suitable for spaces as large as 600 square feet. The dual stage filter first has a pre-filter that functions to trap the larger particles while the second stage has a PECO filter which nullifies contaminants that are 1,000 times smaller than the usual standard. Adding to the looks of this air purifier is a genuine leather strap that jazzes the look of this air purifier. The air purifier does not create any kinds of sounds and functions without disturbing even the lightest of sleepers. The company also offers various other variants for smaller spaces as well.

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