15 Best Kitchen Gifts Under $50

It’d be hard to align your interest on one of these, but the list comprises some of the common gifts. So, you’d soon realize the need for a few of them that will be easy on your budget as well. Whether it’s about slicing the pizza, growing herbs, sushi, or tortillas, we’ve got you covered with the best kitchen gifts. Moreover, if they are available at such a reasonable price, it’s obvious to get a glimpse.

#1 Oxo Stainless Steel Measuring Set

Not only the chefs but the measuring cups and spoons are a basic need of the common households. It’s always good to buy those made of stainless steel. Above all, what if they become more convenient to use and store? Well, this is what Oxo Stainless Steel Measuring Set does. The magnetic handles in the entire set keep them stacked and perfectly intact when you put them in drawers. Plus, this dishwasher-safe set comprises 4 cups and 4 tablespoons of varied capacity.

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#2 Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner

If you ever come across someone with a keen interest in baking, you’ll assimilate his miseries while working on a parchment paper. Also, they aren’t reusable, so we need to hop on to a better alternative. Use Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner which is made with a non-stick silicone coating for hassle-free baking. It works as a surface to roll out pastry dough while being easy to store as well. However, make sure that it isn’t meant to be used as a cutting surface.

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#3 Le Creuset Mini Round Cocotte

Not just the durability and versatility, this casserole from Le Creuset can be used in several ways. Whether it’s baking, storing, or making soups, this casserole serves as the best alternative among the rest. Being an example of sturdiness, it’s also tightly covered and safe for the oven, freezer, and microwave. The porcelain enamel-glaze finish facilitates easy cleaning and resistance from scratches and stains. But steel wools, harsh detergents, and steel scouring pads shall be strictly avoided. Moreover, the casserole is available in four different colors.

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#4 Smithey Ironware Chain Mail Scrubber

Almost every kitchen has cast-iron skillets that make it easy to remove stains and stubborn food residuals. However, their condition soon begins to deteriorate just because they aren’t kept properly. Eventually, they don’t last as long as we expect. The Chain Mail Scrubber from Smithey will be a better option if you often feel the same trepidation. It’s also dishwasher safe and is made of stainless steel. It’d definitely save you from the usual cycle of buying several scrubbers.

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#5 Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

The best flavor always comes from the use of fresh herbs and this is what chefs would easily resonate with. Plus, it might be difficult for some to have more space for gardening. Spade To Fork’s starter kit can be a savior if there is less outdoor space in your abode. It comprises everything that you need to grow Basil, Cilantro, Sage, Parsley, and Thyme and even the peat pots, plant markers, and potting soil discs. Plus, they’re all USDA-certified organic seeds. This is all that you need to have without spending extra bucks for each one of them individually.

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#6 Bamboo Composter Countertop Composter

The composters aren’t something new that needs a proper description. The scarps such as moldy slices of bread, tea bags, eggshells, vegetable and fruit peels, etc. can be turned into compost. Most of the composters in the market cannot help you get rid of the odors. However, the one from Bamboo Composter would definitely help in this process. The 7-inch construction consists of only biodegradable bamboo fibers which include two carbon filters to block the stench from the compost. They are also available in two different colors.

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#7 Glencairn Whisky Glass Set of 4

There’s a concrete reason why this product is often recognized as the ‘Official Whisky Glass’ as it has also won the Queen’s Award for Innovation in the year 2006. What makes it unique is its shape and the amount of liquor it can hold in one go. With an elegant design, it can be offered as a perfect gift to someone who considers it royalty. Plus, there’s a noticeable difference in the aroma that it provides compared to the usual wine glasses. And most importantly, it’s the only glass recognized by the Scotch Whisky Association.

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#8 Bialetti 6-cup Moka Pot

Bialetti has earned its position in the market by selling more than 300 million pieces all around the world. The pleasant smell of coffee is what brings up ecstasy for any coffee lover. And surely, Bialetti stovetop Moka is the perfect option to bring the Italian experience right to your home. The Moka can prepare authentic and rich espresso in just a few minutes. Also, the aluminum pot follows Bialetti’s eight-sided shape that helps to diffuse heat properly in all directions. You must learn that it’s not dishwasher-safe and cleaning them with abrasive products is also not recommended.

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#9 Craighill Ripple Bottle Opener

How about an ostentatious bottle opener? Well, bottle openers aren’t meant for a great simulacrum, but everyone needs them for regular use. Craighill Ripple Bottle Opener not just does its work but is meant to be kept outside for great display. The stainless steel 7-inch bottle opener has a perfect minimalist design that has its own style apart from the normal functionality. Plus, the Ripple Opener provides a better grip due to its wave design.

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#10 KA-BAR ‘Za Saw

Where the ordinary knives fail to do their work at the best, the one from KA-BAR comes to the rescue. ‘Za Saw has an intricate detailing which you might have overlooked. It’s just 4.8 oz making it a lightweight tactical pizza cutter. The handle is made from Creamid plastic and it has a 440A stainless steel wheel. So, no matter how tough the crust is, it can easily slice it up into pieces without putting in much effort.

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#11 Bambooworx Sushi Making Kit

Well, this alternative is the one that doesn’t need to be put on hold. No matter what else you contemplated but, it isn’t going to cost you more than $10. So, if you always wanted to be a sushi chef or you may already be an expert, this sushi-making kit from Bambooworx is one way to begin with your artistry. And by artistry, it refers to the art of wrapping rolls on your own. The entire kit includes a pair of bamboo mats, a rice spreader, and a rice paddle.

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#12 Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer

Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you must have heard about the vegetable noodles. And if want to give it a try, take a look at this 4-blade spiralizer from Paderno. With four stainless steel blades, it is capable of obtaining “angel-hair” strands, spiral cuts, shoestrings, ribbon noodles, and even accordion cuts. The blade design is now improved to reduce food wastage. Whether you’re right or left-handed, the handle provided in it can be used accordingly. Furthermore, you just need to take your imagination to newer heights, this tool then proceeds to make them all real.

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#13 Verve Culture Tortilleria Kit

Well, tortillas bought from the store might be good for some days, but you’d eventually long for the homemade ones. It easy to get them from shops but making one yourself brings more satisfaction. Mostly used for tacos, they are perfect for almost every occasion. And with Verve Culture’s Tortilleria Kit, it’s so easy to make that you’d soon forget buying them from stores. The kit itself appears more like an artwork. For your comfort, it also has a book of recipes, fun facts, and the history of tortillas along with the instruction manual.

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#14 Brooklyn Brew Shop Mikkeller Beer Geek Kit

There’s no need to step out of your abode when the award-winning Beer Geek Breakfast Stout can do the work. Everything you need has been kept intact in a package, so you can prepare it all at your home. It’s been loaded with coffee flavors and roasted as well and it holds a bit of sweetness. The kit consists of a gallon glass fermenter, vinyl tubing, racking can and tip, screw-cap stopper, glass spirit-filled thermometer, and Brooklyn brew shop cleanser.

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#15 S’mores Maker

The ecstasy remains in your kitchen and you don’t need to head out for the camping experience. S’mores Maker is such a great gift that is ideal to make your day better. The set includes a roasting chimney with a grill top, four roasting sticks. It also has a ceramic tray partitioned to keep several ingredients. The stainless-steel roasting sticks have been provided with handles for a better grip.

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Bottom Line

The reasonable prices of these essentials aren’t at par with the advantages they exhibit. Be it an aspiring chef or an expert in cooking, anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows what ease such items can bring to your preparation or even decoration of comestibles.